VRZ 2 BELT (3D printed track bike) 4.9 kg


Frame: VRZ 2
Tubematerial: carbon
Lugmaterial: titanium (laser-cusing)
Lugcoating: TIN, CRN, or TiCN+C
Handlebar: Deda Pista
Saddle: AX Lightness
Seatpost: Vorwaertz TI+C 1
Steam: Vorwaertz Top 2
Crankset:THM CLAVICULA (GATES carbon belt)
Wheels: Lightwieght RUNDKURS
Tires: Conti 4000s
Total weight: 4,9kg

Coating by

Wheelset by LIGHTWIGHT

Crank by THM

Belt by GATES

Pictures taken by Simon Markhof

VRZ 2 coatings(TIN, CRN and IiCN+C)

VRZ 2 (3d printed titanium lugs)

VRZ 1. a tack bike frame with 3d printed lugs from Ralf Holleis on Vimeo.

VRZ 1.1
(3d printed stainless steel lugs)

VRZ 1. is a track bike frame with 3d printed titanium lugs glued together with carbon fiber tubes.

This method allows to build custom frames in a short period of time.
You could change the geometry to what ever fits you best, then the lugs gets generated by a software.
The generated 3D files are produced with laser-cuseing process. Afterwards the printed parts need to be finished and bonded to the tubes.
THE VRZ 2 Belt version is 4.9 kg !!!